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Lastnight He was scared, and all he asked if his disciples was for them to be there for him the night he was going to get arrested, to be there as friends, to pray, but they fell asleep.. The 3 hours I sat in the dark waiting with him in silence, at first I started complaining and telling Him about my problems, but then I thought “WOW how selfish am I being right now, The one night you ask me to be there for you I’m nagging, you’re about to get Crucified tomorrow for my sins, for All our sins and all I can think about is myself at this moment”.. I felt like shit.. Then I shut up, and I sat there in silence.. When the father came his exact words were “It’s time for us to let Him go do what he came to do” .. I felt like I was there, I didn’t want Him to go .. Then I thought “He could of ran away, but he didn’t, he kept his word to his Father”, that’s when I accepted it .. it’s like I had no choice but to accept it .. It felt like they were taking my friend away .. If I cried like a baby, Imagine how his Mother must have felt .. I believe and I always will, in Him .. Jesus Christ ..

¿Por qué te fijas en la astilla que tiene tu hermano en el ojo, y no le das importancia a la viga que está en el tuyo?

¿Cómo puedes decirle a tu hermano: “Déjame sacarte la astilla del ojo”, cuando ahí tienes una viga en el tuyo?

¡*Hipócrita!, saca primero la viga de tu propio ojo, y entonces verás con claridad para sacar la astilla del ojo de tu hermano..

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