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.. Who will you look like? ..
.. How will you be? ..
.. Will you look like Daddy or Me? ^_^ ..
Ten little fingers and ten little toes..
A wrinkled up forehead and a cute button nose..
You will be crying with that first cold touch, and so will I because I love you so much <3 ..

.. Its annoying when people think I’m arguing with them, I’m not, I hate arguing, its stupid, pointless, and childish ..
.. My parents know I don’t like it, my boyfriend knows ..
.. Yelling and talking shit, it irritates the fuck out of me ..
.. I’m not and won’t ever be one of those scandalous ass girls, I wasn’t raised like that ..
.. To be honest girls like that look fuckin ridiculous and disgusting to me ..
.. My problem is that when I Talk, I’m a bitch about it ..
.. I don’t try to be I’m just, too straight up and yelling at me or blaming me causes me not to care if I hurt the other persons feelings ..
.. I don’t have to yell or talk shit to get or try to get my point across ..
.. And yes I know I hurt people with my words, just don’t argue and don’t think I’m trying to argue, stop yelling, stop talking shit, and I won’t be a bitch about it ..
.. I was raised to say what I want to say, let the other person talk, have that person let me talk and if I’m interrupted then you fucked up, that’s when I Know that That person is trying to argue ..
.. That’s when I either shut down, let the other person finish, or I simply walk away from a scandalous ass situation that I Know is about to happen or I know is getting nowhere ..
.. My boyfriend, Close friends, and family have experienced it, and they get mad because I don’t argue back, not sorry because that’s not what I do ..
.. I try to be as civilized and as clear about what I’m trying to say but there’s just to many hard heads ..
.. I just can’t help but laugh, because of how annoying it is when I try to make someone understand that I’m not trying to argue, and they still don’t get it ..
.. Then I’m just like Fuck it, I tried ..

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